citywave® is a perfect, endless wave that makes surfing accessible to everyone. Easy to learn. Hard to master. Our patented deep-water technology builds a wave up to 6 feet tall with maximum pressure and allows the use of regular surfboards with fins ensuring a safe and controlled surf experience. Citywave is commercially proven technology with 14 third party units operating around the world and four more opening in 2023.

Deep-Water Technology

Deep-water in front and behind allows the use of real surfboards and lets users fall safely into water.

River Wave Shape

Creates an authentic, naturally shaped wave with a glassy surface.

Continuous Surf

Provides non-stop, consistent waves.

Variety of Waves

Water volume, wave shape, and wave height can be adjusted by the push of a button.


The entire surfpool is soft padded with a specially developed foam guaranteeing a soft landing.


All components are made of high quality material to ensure maximum durability and sustainability.

Include a wave in your next project.